Automatic Die Cutting Machine
Automatic Die Cutting Machine
  • Product Name:Automatic Die Cutting Machine
  • Model:SMARTWORKER 105/105P
  • Brand:SKM


Model: SMARTWORKER 105/105P/105H/105HP




ü  Cardboard

ü  Corrugated board

ü  stickers



Technical data

Max. Sheet size(mm)1050×750
Min. Sheet size(mm)400×370
Max. Die cutting size(s/h) 7500
Die cutting precision±0.075
Max. Working pressure(N)250×104
Convertible ranger(mm)(Card board 0.08-1.5/Corrugated board E、B)
Rule,s Height(mm)23.8
Min.Gripper margin(mm)4
Electric heating system----
Feeding pile height(mm)1350
Delivery pile height(mm)1150
Main motor power(kW)11
Full load capacity(kW)22
Weight of machine(kg)≈18000

2. Automatic Die Cutting Machine Main Features

2.1 Sheet Feed Section

Equipped with new 13000P / h high-speed feeder.

Standard non-stop configuration and pre load unit.

Pile board has quick central positioning function.

unique paper correction system.

double sheets mechanism, anti-foreign body  device, adjustable blower.


2.1.1 Feeder

The powerful feeder is equipped with 4 lifting suction cups and 4 carrier suction cups; the directions of suction cups are adjustable according to the paper deformation.

The Feeder can be adjusted according to the stock and ensure the smooth feeding of various kinds of cardboard and corrugated paper.

separation mechanism with dual rail design, gripper cam adopt conjugate active cams.

centralized control of feeder gas path and quick adjustment device.


2.1.2 Feed Table

Sheet detectors and control systems reduce paper waste

The feeder equipped with integrated push and pull of side lays which realize the fast conversion of side lay.


2.2 Platen Press Section

All pressure parts are optimized design by finite element.

Main wall is whole casting with  automotive grade nodular iron cast

Adopt 12-zone electric heating system with independent controls.(SM-105H/HP)

The main wall thickness is up to 100mm and max pressure is up to 450 tons, easily meet the technological requirements of deep embossing. (SM-105H/HP)

2.2.1 Fixed & Movable Platen

The fixed and movable platen adopt special casting structure. and overall high strength nodular iron cast

Manual shovel scraping with high precision.

Adopt central positioning and pneumatic locking mechanism

2.2.2 Pneumatic Clutch

Adopt first class quality pneumatic clutch reduces noise and minimizes impact when stopping the machine at a high speed, improving service life.

2.2.3 Lower Supporting Plate 

The lower plate is made with high -precision special material. The steel plates improve foiling and embossing make-ready times.

The Lower plate is equipped with a fine adjustment and central registration system which reduces plate changing and positioning dramatically.


2.3 Gripper And Chain

The grippers are made of special extra hard aluminum alloy,with anode treatment on the surface,ensuring accurate die cutting at high speed.

Imported special chain for die cutting is used for the main gripper transmission, prolong the life obviously.


2.4 Torque Restrainer & Indexing Device

Professional custom integrated intermittent mechanism has large transfer torque, high positioning accuracy, optimized motion curve and driving angle, making high-speed operation possible and long operating life of the machine.

Special made torque restrainer is of high sensitivity and long life and also can effectively guarantee the safety of machine operation and operators.


2.5 Stripping Section

Optimized transmission mechanism and cam movement curve provide stripping stability and accuracy.

The central registration system used for the stripping boards provides accurate positioning and easy adjustment.

The pneumatic raising device for upper stripping board creates more internal working space.

2.6 Sheet Delivery Section

Smart delivery brush and paper scrapper always provide a perfect piling under all speeds.

The dual auxiliary blowing device creates an air cushion on the paper pile for smooth paper delivery.

Tape inserter and a pneumatic sampling unit has been designed as a user friendly system for checking finished product without the need to stop the machine.

Long operation life mechanical deputy stacker.

2.7 Operating System

HMI system is configured 10.3 inch 16:9 TFT touch screen,which intergrades the running status,operation,error indication.

Multi-angle rotating main screen is equipped with Cruise control function and easy operation.

2.8 Electronic Management System

Adopt OMRON and Schneider Electric components, with a mature and reliable electrical control circuit, to ensure stable operation of the machine.



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