Flexo Printing Press & Inline Creasing die cutting System
Flexo Printing Press & Inline Creasing die cutting System
  • Product Name:Flexo Printing Press & Inline Creasing die cutting System
  • Model:SKM1350D-8
  • Brand:SKM

8 Flexo Printing Press & Inline Creasing/die cutting System


1. WidthColor

870/1120/1300mm…/1830mm (Customized) wide,1-26colours(Customized) 

2. Basic Specifications


Item Description

Maximum Paper Width

870/1120/1300…/1830 mm (Customized)

Maximum Printing Width

850/1100/1270…/1800mm (Customized)

Printing Repeat


Maximum Unwinder Diameter

60’’ (1524mm)(Customized)

Maximum Rewinder Diameter

60'' (1524mm)(Customized)

Maximum Speed

350-450m/min (three servo)

250m/min (one servo)

Control Panel

In the front of the press

Air Pressure &compressor


Power Requirement

380VAC 3ph 50HZ


According to customer requirements

Tension Control


Tension Control Tolerance



IR   & Air (PTC ceramic heater)

Max. IR Temperature

</= 80

Max. Dryer Temperature


Main   Drive

n  Servo Motor control –   Gearless  (three servo)

n  1/8''CP,Gearing distance   3.175mm (one servo)

Screen   Displays

Screens Displays

Press   Color

RedwhiteCustomized color

Control   Language



Water-Based Ink

3. The Characteristics

  •  Upper web-passing printing unit structurePatent No.201320053224.X

  • scumming because of the hot airflow of rising in dry lamp box by traditional

  • models.

  •  Low gravity and it will not affected by diameter of the plate roller,more stable with high speed running.

  •  The plate roller is using the way of pneumatic conic node to clamping,this plate roller can great reduces the labor intensity when it load and unload,also can eliminate the backlash of hollow shaft in traditional machine,more stable with high speed running.

  •  Air flueair intakeair outtake and vent line of drying system that all setting on top of the machine,the width of the machine is half of the traditional machine,and the ground is clean.

  •  Opening frame structureeasy for web threading,its possible to accomplish the web threading of whole machine by one person,in addition ,the ground is clean and convenience.

  •  Pressure-adjustable anilox roller of double sideits possible to accomplish the adjustment of plate roller pressure and anilox roller pressure by one person.This patent is going through the approval.

  •  The distance between paper and ground is more than 0.5m,so that eliminates the phenomenon of static adsorbs dust from ground thoroughly during the process of paper skip.

  •  Using closed doctor blade,in order to avoid the phenomenon of flying ink and splashes ink in high speed running conditionsand cut off the contact between ink and air during the process of printing ensure the ink viscosity not easy to change,easier to control the color aberration.

  •  A kind of adjustment device for plate roller and the pressure &position of the roller,registration.Patent No.201320053108.8

  •  Using PLT ceramic heater for air intake system,this heater with efficient heating and without fire,so that more safe and reliable.

4. Constructions

Unwinder Unit

Web  Guider

Double Station Corona Discharge Device

Feed Unit

Printing Unit

Auto-Register System

Creasing Unit

Cutting Unit

Fast Delivery Unit

Automatic Lubrication System

Advanced Plate Mounter Machine

          Long-Distance Malfunction Diagnosis System



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