ProCPSTM Inline Creasing And Punching System
ProCPS<sup>TM</sup> Inline Creasing And Punching System
  • Product Name:ProCPSTM Inline Creasing And Punching System
  • Model:1100/1350
  • Brand:SKM

Inline Creasing And Punching System

General Specification:

Maximum web width           1350/1100mm

Paper spec                  160-450g/m²

Maximum machine speed             400m/min

                    (depending on the printing press)

Maximum operating speed               350m/min 

Die diameter                      300-450mm

Tolerance between printing and creasing   +/-0.20mm 

Creasing and punching tolerance          +/-0.15mm

Web direction(people on the operation side)  L to R 

Electrical presumed              380V/50Hz/3-phase

Electrical                             capacity 50kw

Web tolerance                         +/-0.10mm                                                          


  1. Web guide

  2. Printing and creasing registration system   

  3. Tension control

  4. Drive base

  5. Hydraulic device

  6. Three single-slot modules and eight 140mm bearing housings

  7. Oil lube system

  8. Scrap system

  9. BTV

  10. Machine guards system

  11. electric


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